Karnali Return

Here we go again! This time we’re headed to Nepal for a 37 day whitewater extravaganza. Gerrit’s mom was on the 1981 American Himalayan Whitewater Expedition that did the first decent of the Karnali River, so we’re bringing her back, thirty five years later, for a repeat trip down the Mugu and Main Karnali rivers. After that, Gerrit and I, with other friends joining (fingers crossed), will be paddling and sampling all the rivers we can: the Balephi and Upper Sun Kosi, the Upper Upper Seti, the Modi Khola and Upper Kali Gandaki, the Madi Khola and the Marsyandi. We’ll also be exploring the impacts that the development of past and future dams has on the people and environment around them. Stay tuned for future photos and words over the next month!

We also want to give a huge shoutout to all our amazing sponsors for this trip…

KAVU for the best adventure clothing around, Montucky Cold Snacks for supporting us from the beginning, Stanley for all the cooking supplies we could ever need, Shred Ready for prime brain protection, Adventure Medical Kits for stitching us back up, Point 6 for keeping our feet happy through the toughest times, G Form for saving our elbows, and Kuju for waking us up in the morning.




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