So we began with full intentions of running the full 30 days, 30 rivers, 30 water samples but we forgot about the existence of finals week. So may I present to you… 27 days, 27 rivers, 26 water samples! We also managed to pass all our finals (and Kirra graduated!).

  • Lochsa River, ID
  • Fish Creek, ID
  • Clark Fork River, MT
  • Fish Creek, MT
  • Kootenai Creek, MT
  • S Fork Clearwater River, ID
  • N Fork Payette River, ID
  • Lake Fork Creek, ID
  • S Fork Payette River, ID
  • Main Payette River, ID
  • S Fork Salmon River, ID
  • Main Salmon River, ID
  • Selway River, ID
  • Bear Creek, ID
  • White Salmon River, WA
  • Hood River, OR
  • Wind River, WA
  • Little White Salmon River, WA
  • Klamath River, CA
  • Cal Salmon River, CA
  • South Silver Creek, CA
  • Stanislaus River, CA
  • Tuolumne River, CA
  • Merced River, CA
  • S Fork American River, CA
  • Swan River, MT
  • Gallatin River, MT

We could have spent months on end in each state alone, paddling all the different rivers. But the cool thing about doing a “quick” trip was the stoke we gathered to return to each  area in the future. There are hundreds of amazing rivers out there just waiting to be run and sampled… Thanks to all the wonderful companies who helped make this trip happen!

Check out Astral for the best PFDs and footwear, Grand Trunk for all your adventure necessities from hammocks to travel towels, Montucky for the perfect bootie beer, Lx Polarized for sweet shades, Ice Mule for the best coolers around, Bozeman Brewing for the tastiest canned brews, and MAP Brewing for their beer and generosity!



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