Selway Pro Tips

  1. If you find yourself with a few free days before May 15th, get on the Selway.

    make sure you rock your astral pfd on the selway
  2. The Selway Shuttle is longer than the Grand Canyon shuttle. But Karen Kidd, at Selway River Shuttles, is queen.
  3. You can drink straight from every tributary and, unlike most creeks, you won’t get giardia.
  4. River rocks are acceptable substitutes for bocce balls.
  5. You can never bring enough beer or snacks. Make sure to include enough raft for your beer trip. #bozemanbrewingSONY DSC
  6. Be ready to battle for epic on-the-fly surf waves. If you have an RPM, you might catch them. If you have a creeker, you won’t, but you might have enough beer.
  7. Fudge-dipped granola bars >> regular granola bars (more chocolate, fewer crumbs). #teamfudgedipped
  8. You’ll never see night skies so full of stars or water as gin-clear.
  9. One of these will increase the tension while driving by 500%. Great solution to low blood pressure, overdue pregnancy, or excessive relaxation.SONY DSC
  10. Prevent Beer Crisis. A better ration of beer-to-gear weight would be 3:1. #bozemanbrewing #MAPbrewing #montuckycoldsnacksSONY DSC
  11. If you’re an entrepreneur in the tent industry, camouflage pole bags are NOT the way to go. Also, if you find ours in the grass, please contact us.
  12. Hammock life = fewer spiders = happiness. #grandtrunkingSONY DSC

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