McCall, May 8

I started paddling last spring, 95% of which has consisted of lapping the same stretch on the Gallatin River over the last year. It’s a great little river, but until we kicked off this May trip, I had never really understood how talented my paddling buddies were. They throw themselves at these huge rivers, totally unafraid, choosing lines through rapids that make the rivers even harder. It’s incredible to watch them dance down these steep, boulder-filled creeks, where the consequences can be death. They’re the best teachers though too, they push me to try new moves and take these harder lines, and when I end up out of my kayak they push me to shore. Around them I can paddle stuff that scares me every day, but still have the confidence to get out on the water since they’ll probably rescue me.
We’re just a few days in and I’m as excited for these three weeks as I was the first day: stoked to paddle every day on both legendary rivers and random creeks, to get scared and beyond stoked, to get better and learn technique! Today we head to Kelly’s Whitewater Park to surf and get worked in some holes, and then on to Lake Fork Creek for videography on my part and stomping boofs for Gerrit.

– Kirra


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